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Our goal

It has been a long time since we watch at the continuous emergencies that characterize our country in the waste sector, a circumstance which often, if not always, forces our Institutions to adopt extremely costly solutions, which however do not definitively solve the age-old problem.

For this reason, our company has started for about four years, a research aimed to identify a technology applicable to the treatment of waste, mainly urban waste, compatible with environmental and energy standards in force in Italy and in Europe.

This study led us to identify a technology currently successfully applied in non-EU countries that allows processing of municipal, industrial, toxic / harmful waste and in any case all hazardous waste without producing a flame and therefore without production of fumes or ashes.


How we work

Wanting to have the absolute certainty of the validity and applicability of the technology identified in Italy and in Europe, we have activated agreements with the main institutions of the Italian scientific and technological world to support us on this path.

We have therefore constituted a Permanent Scientific Working Table, the result of Scientific Collaboration Agreements with:

  • ENEA – Sustainability Department – Efficient Use of Resources and Cycle Closure Division – Technologies Laboratory for Integrated Waste Management, Wastewater and Raw Materials
  • “La Sapienza” University of Rome – Department of Astronautics and Electrical Engineering
  • University of Naples – Department of Industrial Energy
  • University of Catania – Department of Industrial Energy
  • “Aldo Moro” University of Bari
  • National Interuniversitatio Consortium for Materials Science and Technology (INSTM)

Collaboration relationship

The development of our project has encouraged and allowed the collaboration between EcoGv Energy and Alter NRG for the commercialization of technology. Alter NRG is the exclusive supplier of EcoGV Energy of plants for Plasma waste gasification.

New horizons

With the waste we illuminate your home and your industry safeguarding our future and improving the present.

The use of Syngas generated by Plasma Gasification

New applications

This technology allows us to implement also a transportable version – which can be positioned in one or more containers – allowing the reclamation and treatment of “in situ” waste.
We can therefore reclaim the land currently and irremediably polluted.

Integration to waste-to-energy technology

Alter NRG plasma technology is able to treat the incinerator’s ashes and transform most of it into a waste similar to inert material that can be used in other construction sectors.

The plasma gasifier can increase the revenues of the waste-to-energy plants by creating a syngas that can make the structures self-sufficient from an energy point of view or increase their production of electricity.

Plasma Gasification

The Alter NRG Plasma Gasification Solution enables the conversion of difficult raw materials such as municipal solid waste (MSW) into a clean synthesis gas (syngas), suitable for use in sophisticated equipment such as high efficiency gas turbines or fuel technologies new generation fluids.

Going forward and in the not too distant future, plasma gasification gases will fuel the fuel cells and create renewable hydrogen

Industrial and Hazardous Waste Treatment

Alter NRG Plasma Gasification Technology offers a long-standing solution for the disposal of industrial and hazardous waste with excellent results with an environmentally efficient solution.

Benefits of Alter NRG Plasma Gasification Solution:

  • No emissions of dioxins or furans are generated due to the high temperature generated by plasma torches
  • It produces high quality syngas that can be used in turbines or liquid conversions
  • The modular design allows the management of construction costs and specific installation “IN SITU”
  • It allows the construction of a system customized to the needs of placement and treatment of waste
  • The plant can be offered with the “turnkey” formula
  • Treatable waste
  • The Alter NRG hazardous waste solution can handle multiple waste streams, including liquids and solids:
    Sewage sludge
    Sludge of industrial processes
    Car Fluff
    Waste from the processing of hydrocarbons
  • Output
  • It produces a waste similar to reusable inert for road pavements, construction aggregates, rock wool insulation, floor tiles, etc. instead of the ash produced by waste-to-energy plants.

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